Navistar/ASE School Bus Technician of the Year 1996

In late October 1996, I received a phone call from John Richter of Navistar International informing me that I had posted the highest composite score on ASE's new School Bus Technician certification tests. As a result, I was named the 1996 Navistar/ASE School Bus Technician of the Year.

Maria and I were guests at the ASE Fall Board Meeting in Scottsdale AZ, where I received a plaque and a cash award.

John Richter of Navistar, me with my plaque, and Maria
From the left: John Richter of Navistar, John Amdor III, and Maria Amdor

I am going to Herndon VA in late February 1997 to help write test questions for a new ASE test!

I went to Herndon VA in February for the question writing workshop. I got to meet about a dozen people from other parts of the country who are also involved in school busses and some industry reps. We spent 3 days developing and critiquing questions for the new "School Bus Diesel Engine" test, to be introduced at the fall testing session this year.

I took the new School Bus Diesel Engine test at the Fall 1997 testing session. When my certificate arrived I found out that there was now a Master Certification Level in the School Bus Category, and I had completed the requirements for it!  I am offically a Master School Bus Technician (MSBT)!

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