My Motorcycle Accident - July 30, 2005

(or Little Old Gold Wing Fall Down, Go Boom!)

Here are some photos of my bike following my accident.
I'll take better photos when I can move the bike out into the sunlight.
The cruise control switch took a hit.

The on-off switch is missing from the cruise control.

Left front fairing

Not much damage visible from this angle, other than the windshield and a crack between the turn signal and headlight.

A lower angle view of the left front

More damage visible here.

Broken windshield

Guess I won't be cutting this windshield down now.

Side view of the left fairing

Here's the left side of the fairing - probably the worst of the body damage.

Left mirror and pocket area

Left mirror and pocket area from above.

Left highway peg

Left highway peg - this crash bar didn't suffer as much damage as the right side.

Left saddlebag and guard

Road rash on the left bag and lid - the long scratch is not accident related.

Left side of the trunk

Scratches on the trunk lid.

Right fairing damage

The extent of the right side fairing damage.

The brake lever did some grinding, too...

The ball on the end of the brake lever is ground down a bit.

Right engine guard, rocker cover and highway peg

The right side of the engine showing where the peg poked a hole in the rocker cover.
The piece at the upper right of the rocker cover is part of the inner belt cover.

Another shot of the right side of the engine.

Another shot of the right side of the engine showing the new crankcase vent.

A clearer picture of the right valve cover.

Here's a clearer shot of the right rocker cover.

Underside of the right engine guard.

Here you can see the underside of the right engine guard.

The right bag guard

Here's the right bag guard.
The scuff marks on the saddlebag just below the pinstriping are from the tow company's trailer.  
Nice to see they care about the vehicles they transport...

My riding gloves

My riding gloves.  (Right hand index finger on top, left hand little finger below.)

A closer view of my riding gloves.

Close-up of my gloves - I have matching damage on my left hand.

Additional Info - August 6, 2005

I started taking things apart on the bike to see what kind of damage the engine suffered.
So far it appears that all is O.K. - I did find a broken spark plug, and of course the rocker cover and the timing belt heat shield, but at least the timing belts are still intact, and the timing marks line up where they should.  

The right rocker cover with most of the pieces.
The right rocker cover with most of the pieces.

The fairing is toast, too!
The fairing is toast, too!

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